Dr. Amy’s TEDx Talk:
“Lessons Learned from Training 101,000 Brains”

Some Highlights from Other Appearances

May 7, 2024
Interview on the Raising Confident Kids with SEN podcast about The Five Pillars of ADHD Support Every Parent Should Know. Listen on Apple Podcasts

May 5, 2024
Message at Larkspur Church called The Mercy of Mulligans about showing mercy and grace to others. Watch it on YouTube:

March 24, 2024
Palm Sunday message at Larkspur Church called Lay Down Your Cloaks about removing barriers to God. Watch the talk on YouTube:

December 10, 2023
Message at Larkspur Church called The Paradox of Peace about finding peace amidst suffering. Watch the talk on YouTube:

August 27, 2023
Message at Larkspur Church called Beloved…Be Loved about God’s deep love for us. Watch the talk on YouTube:

July 27, 2023
Interview on the Brainy Moms podcast Cognitive Psychologist Shares Her 5 Pillars of ADHD. Watch the interview on YouTube: or listen on Apple Podcasts.

June 8, 2023
Keynote address for the Special Needs Conference at HEAV 2023 called Critical Connections: What Brain Science Teaches us about Parenting (& Teaching) Children with Special Needs.
Watch an unofficial iPhone video of the talk:

May 12, 2023
Interview on the Asking Why with Clint Davis podcast about 5 pillars for addressing ADHD.
Watch it on YouTube:
Listen on Apple Podcasts:

May 4, 2023
Interview at the Happy and Confident Teen Summit about ADHD and learning struggles.

February 15, 2023
Interview on the How to Not Get Sick and Die podcast with Matty Lansdown about ADHD and age-related cognitive decline

October 31, 2022
Interview on the Imperfect Heroes podcast about parenting and teaching strategies for neurodiverse kids.

October 23, 2022
Interview on the Hey! I Want Your Job! podcast about brain training and other advice for parents on supporting children with ADHD.

April 20, 2022
Presentation on brain training for TBI as a guest on Power of Patients

April 15, 2022
Interview by Dr. Wayne Hanson in The Jesus Taxi

March 8, 2022
Interview on the Out of the Trenches podcast about brain training, special needs, ADHD emotions, and more!

October 27, 2021
Interview on The No BS Mama podcast about the dangers of helicopter parenting

October 25, 2021
Interview on the My Life Beyond Post Natal Depression podcast about training your brain

October 9, 2021
TEDx talk, Lessons Learned from Training 101,000 Brains at TEDxWestMonroe

September 20, 2021
Interview on the Modern Mommy Doc podcast about optimizing children’s learning