Dr. Amy’s TEDx Talk:
“Lessons Learned from Training 101,000 Brains”

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October 31, 2022
DJ Stuts interviews Dr. Amy on the Imperfect Heroes podcast about parenting and teaching strategies for neurodiverse kids.

October 23, 2022
Dr. Amy is interviewed on the Hey! I Want Your Job! podcast about brain training and other advice for parents on supporting children with ADHD.

April 20, 2022
Dr. Amy gives a presentation on brain training for TBI as a guest on Power of Patients

April 15, 2022
Dr. Amy is interviewed by Dr. Wayne Hanson in The Jesus Taxi

March 8, 2022
Dr. Amy is interviewed on the Out of the Trenches podcast about brain training, special needs, ADHD emotions, and more!

October 27, 2021
Dr. Amy is interviewed on The No BS Mama podcast about the dangers of helicopter parenting

October 25, 2021
Dr. Amy is interviewed on the My Life Beyond Post Natal Depression podcast about training your brain

October 9, 2021
Dr. Amy gives her TEDx talk, Lessons Learned from Training 101,000 Brains at TEDxWestMonroe

September 20, 2021
Dr. Amy is interviewed on the Modern Mommy Doc podcast about optimizing children’s learning

July 20, 2021
Dr. Amy is featured in theBaltimore’s Child article, “Stopping the ‘Summer Slide’ Experts discuss the reality of summer learning loss and share tips for how to prevent it.”
Stopping the ‘Summer Slide’ – Baltimore’s Child (

May 24, 2021
Dr. Amy is interviewed on the Chatting With Betsy show on Passionate World Talk Radio about brain training.
Helping Struggling Children | Autism | Children| PWTRN (

April 14, 2021
Dr. Amy and her son Evan are interviewed on Twin Cities Live about Evan’s story of overcoming Dyslexia after brain training. 

April 9, 2021
Dr. Amy is interviewed and featured in the article, Big Emotions From Learning You Have Adult ADHD, on WebMD. She shares expert content about the emotions associated with adult ADHD diagnosis and also talks about her own ADHD story. 
Learning You Have Adult ADHD Can Bring Grief, Relief, and Other Emotions (

March 26, 2021
Dr. Amy is interviewed on the Concussion Discussions YouTube Channel about brain training for traumatic brain injury

March 24, 2021
Dr. Amy is interviewed on the podcast, Sisterhood of Success to talk about her research on brain training

February 5, 2021
Dr. Amy is quoted in the article, Studying Tips – 30 Education Experts Share Their Learning Strategies, sharing a memory strategy from the LearningRx brain training toolbox. 

January 19, 2021
Dr. Amy is interviewed about brain training on Faces of TBI, the #1 podcast for concussion and TBI resources. 

March 16, 2020
Dr. Amy is interviewed about brain training for TBI at the 2020 Brain Health Online Summit. 5-minute excerpt:

November 5, 2019
In an article, “7 Signs Your Toddler May Have ADHD” published on Reader’s Digest site The Healthy, cognitive psychologist Dr. Amy shares some red flags to look for.

August 19, 2019
In her talk, “Train Your Brain, Transform Your Tomorrow,” Dr. Amy discusses how cognitive training like LearningRx can transform lives by harnessing the plasticity of the brain.

May 8, 2018
Dr. Amy is interviewed on FOX21 News for a feature story: ‘Brain Training for Traumatic Brain Injury

February 28, 2018
The Villages News
Dr. Amy Moore and Tanya Mitchell from LearningRx present two brain training workshops at The Villages, FL

January 4, 2018
Natural Awakenings
The 10 Biggest Brain-related Stories of 2017

December 2017
American Psychological Association 
Dr. Amy and Dr. Christina Ledbetter are demonstrating brain training tasks in this promotional video for APA

August 21, 2017

CVILLE 107.5/1290 WCHV – Charlottesville, VA
“Joe Thomas in the Morning” Radio Podcast
Interview with Dr. Amy and Dargan Coggeshall on LearningRx Research

May 22, 2017
NBC Newscenter1
Dr. Amy’s study published on cognitive rehabilitation training for soldiers with traumatic brain injury

Story also featured on KUAM News

Story also described on Newswire

December 10, 2016
National Affairs
Dr. Amy’s brain training study featured on blog titled “They’re Smart”

September 30, 2016
Dr. Amy’s research mentioned on NewsOn6 – Oklahoma’s Own
Study Results on LearningRx Personal Brain Training Improving IQ Scores by 21 Points

Study also featured on

September 29, 2016
Dr. Amy’s brain training study featured in Medical News Today
Much more than ‘brain games’: Clinician-delivered cognitive training improves multiple cognitive skills and general intelligence in children

Story also featured on

August 4, 2016
Dr. Amy’s research is mentioned in Innovation News
LearningRx: Study shows improved IQ scores for kids using brain-training system